therapy, assessment, & consultation
- blacksburg, va - 

I'm Dr. Aliya Chapman

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and the owner of Pathways Psychology, LLC in Blacksburg, Virginia. I provide psychological therapy, assessment, and consultation. I specialize in treating:
      1. Anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and related disorders
      2. Depression and other mood disorders
      3. College/University life stress and academic concerns
      4. Minority stress
      5. Perinatal (“post-partum”) mood and anxiety disorders
      6. Parenting concerns 

If you feel stuck or distressed and are looking for someone to help, please know that you are not alone. All of us struggle from time to time, and we need support to figure out what to do next.  You and I can work together to learn more about who you truly are, understand your current struggles, and come up with an action plan that fits your values and uses your strengths to help you move forward. 

I welcome clients of all genders, sexual/affectional preferences, racial/ethnic background, religion, education level, and other minoritized identities.

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Anxiety and depression affect millions of adults each year. If you are experiencing this, you are not alone, and there are many excellent ways to feel better. Take a screening test here at Mental Health America of Virginia, and check out some great resources from my alma mater, George Mason University. 


perinatal mood & anxiety disorders

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are often known as “postpartum depression,” though they take many forms in addition to depression. One in five women experience significant mental health difficulties during pregnancy or in the first year after the birth or adoption of their child. Their partners experience these struggles as well. 

Check out the resources at Postpartum VA or Postpartum Support International (PSI), including PSI’s directory of professional providers. I am certified by PSI to treat perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. 


minority stress

People with underrepresented and minoritized identities often live in a world that does not understand or respect who they are. When others’ reactions toward you affect your mental health, reach out for support. Check out American Psychological Association’s information about health disparities among vulnerable and underserved populations. 


college/ university stress

Being a college student comes with a myriad of stressors, from leaving home and learning how to manage the tasks of independent life, to mastering challenging classes, conducting independent research, and managing relationships with roommates, friends, advisors, professors and committees. It can help to talk over these issues with a professional. To start, you may wish to check out some study skill information provided by the Cook Counseling Center at Virginia Tech (click the Explore tab at the top).


parenting concerns

Parenting is a challenge at the best of times. The internet is a sea of contradictory information, and each child has unique needs. It is essential that parents engage in their own self-care, for themselves and for their family. Check out the American Psychological Association’s tips on research-backed parenting, and their parenting topics page. Here’s some good information on self-care for parents.